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SY-SJWK Neurosurgery / Brain Instruments

SY-SJWK Neurosurgery / Brain Instruments

    Model: SY-SJWK

    Brand: SHREK

    Product Type: Basic surgical instruments

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Basic neurosurgery instruments are used in brain surgery. It can be divided into many types according to their structure and functional characteristics. To be familiar with and master the use of surgical instruments is the most basic requirement for brain surgeons.
Basic neurosurgery instruments mainly include: rongeurs, mening forceps, brain spatula, bone chisels, curette, dissector, suction tube, hooks, retractors, cranial drills, etc.. 

brain instruments


Simple operation
convenient sterilization
numerous in variety
Good material,
Economical and durable
Wide range of applications


Brain spatula: It is often necessary to use a brain pressure plate to help expose the surgical field when removing hematomas in the brain and exploring the skull base.

Suction tube: Like other neurosurgery operations, the suction tube is a very important tool in the operation of head injury. Its functions include sucking blood from the surgical field, maintaining a clean surgical field, finding bleeding points, incising the brain tissue, removing hematomas, removing inactive fragmented brain tissue, assisting in exploring the surface of the brain at the base of the skull, and sucking up the gelatin.

Bipolar coagulation forceps: Bipolar coagulation forceps mainly have blood coagulation function but no cutting function. It has reliable hemostasis effect, does not form an obvious arc, and has minimal impact on surrounding tissues. It is suitable for hemostasis of important and fragile tissues and organs. The power of bipolar coagulation should be such that the tissue to be coagulated will not be coked, and the tissue will turn yellow 2-3 seconds after the coagulation is turned on as a better power choice. Bipolar coagulation forceps should not be scraped with a blade or sharp object, so as not to damage the function of the forceps tip.

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